The Bolegg Gallery – the Aviary System for the North American Producer

Posted on April 7, 2016

The advantages of aviary systems are increasingly being examined in North American markets, but until now no one has managed to create a system that successfully meets the very precise needs and regulations required for North American producers. Basically, there hasn’t been an aviary system designed specifically for you.

With more than 20 years of experience in the United States and Canada, Vencomatic North America knows exactly what our customers have been asking for — we know what will meet the needs of today’s producers, and where the most likely developments will arise in the future. Which is why we were involved from the very beginning in the concept and design of the new Bolegg Gallery aviary system from Vencomatic.

Our sales manager in the U.S., Aaron Willey, explains it very well.

“The Gallery answers the questions and criticism cage-free systems have endured with a perfect combination of ease of management while maintaining the Vencomatic way of keeping birds in a welfare-friendly system and delivering the cleanest eggs, as we always have. We really have the best 1-2 punch that I know of on the market to produce cage-free eggs with the Bolegg Gallery aviary system.”

And don’t be mistaken, the Gallery isn’t simply an enriched cage, built to meet the most basic requirements. It is a true aviary, with animal welfare taken into full account, while still offering the highest density of birds compared to any other true aviary on the market.

Not only does the Gallery maintain excellent animal welfare conditions, it’s also easy to manage with a winchable back wall for nest inspections, and the tip flooring, Vencomats and Vencobelts ensuring the best quality eggs post-lay, all of which you already expect from Vencomatic.

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