Bolegg Gallery Gets Even Better

Posted on September 27, 2017

Vencomatic Manure Belt System gaining popularity in North America.

Some of the largest aviary systems in the world are located in North America, and Vencomatic has addressed the demands of these grand-scale operations by adding new features and options, making our long-standing Bolegg Gallery system even better!

Vencomatic Manure Belt System (VMS)

The VMS ‘tier’ spans two rows of the Bolegg Gallery and includes manure and egg collection. This VMS increases usable surface area, allowing for a higher bird density and making inspection much easier. It allows for safe bird movement, while the sloped floor allows for easy collection of system eggs.


An optional bird-level walkthrough can now be placed next to partitioning walls, allowing birds to move away from higher-density groups. It also gives the birds an alternate entry into the system at night; when the lights are dimmed, birds still in the central aisle can use the walkthrough to easily gain access to nests, feed, and water. Can be retrofit.

Vencobelt Compact Egg Belts

These collection conveyors enable eggs to be moved over a vertical distance within a small area while safeguarding egg quality. Available in two widths, it can meet capacities up to 45,000 eggs per hour. Its smart design allows a slope up to 35 degrees and corners up to 180 degrees. It is capable of completing a 90-degree corner within ONE square meter.

Drinking Line

The diameter of the Lubing drinking line has been increased which changes the capacity per pressure regulator. This means only one regulator in the front of the house and one in the back are needed – much more user-friendly.

Manure Drying Ducts

On the Bolegg Gallery, there’s even an option for manure drying ducts. Used in combination with our Clima+ climate-control system (ACU), you’ll observe marked improvement in barn air quality.