The Castle aviary delivers even more options

Posted on January 17, 2018

Now, managing cage-free birds is easier than you think.

Built to last, the Castle floor-housing system for breeders and layers is a perfect marriage between bird welfare, strength, quality, clean eggs, and capacity to meet producers’ bottom lines.

We first introduced our cage-free Castle aviary in 2015. One of the most important features of this system was its modular design which ensured an optimal fit for every poultry house, whether it was new construction or retrofit. We’re now pleased to announce the release of new options that provide even more versatility.

The Castle starts with a solid base that is built to last, which can then be outfitted with one- or two-tier nests alternating across the length of the house. The Castle can be topped with either a flat roof, providing extra living surface for birds, a traditional peaked roof, or a combination of both which will maximize bird density. A single nest option with either one or two tiers allows for a system row to be placed adjacent to barn walls or work around building support structures.

The alternating profile of the Castle allows for a great overview of the system by the barn manager; this ease of management allows farmers a straightforward transition to cage-free.

In line with Vencomatic’s quest to provide innovative and sustainable systems to the poultry industry, these new options further the modular style of this aviary by maximizing its flexibility for the end user.