Grading Eggs at the Speed of Packing

Posted on April 7, 2016

More and more, producers and integrators are looking for machinery allowing the ability to grade eggs on site, without any production loss on the packing side. The new Ovograder from Prinzen answers the call by accurately separating eggs into three user-defined grades at a rate of 20,000 eggs an hour.

When combined with the Prinzen PSP7C egg packer, the speeds of the Ovograder and the packer are perfectly matched and the egg-packing process moves swiftly and efficiently. The Ovograder will separate the middleweight eggs and move them down the conveyor to be packed. The higher- and lower weight eggs are gently channelled onto separate platforms above the packing process, so that they may be individually inspected and hand-packed.

The Ovograder was introduced in January, 2015 at the IPPE in Atlanta, and the excitement for this new grader was immediate. The Ovograder makes it possible to maintain consistency across all eggs, standardizing the development of hatched chicks.

Like all Prinzen egg packers, the Ovograder includes software that records statistical information on the eggs, aiding in flock management and helping producers to optimize their production.

The Ovograder may be retrofitted to existing PSP7C units, or included in a new installation. Ask your Vencomatic representative for more details.