IPPE Opportunity to Showcase Cage-Free Solutions

Posted on January 17, 2017

Vencomatic’s theme for this year’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) show taking place in Atlanta (Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2017) is: Your Cage-Free Solutions Partner. Why did Vencomatic pick this theme? In a nutshell, to help meet consumer demand and regulatory requirements for more animal-friendly egg and poultry production. Many producers are rising to this challenge and are making the transition to cage-free.

The Vencomatic team of poultry experts have spent months planning for IPPE, so we can effectively showcase our equipment solutions and help producers make the switch to cage-free. Our 2,200-square-foot display will include solutions from rearing to aviaries to egg handling.

“What sets our equipment apart, is that Vencomatic has been focused on cage-free equipment for over 30 years. Our equipment is designed to simulate a bird’s natural environment which supports their natural inclinations and behaviors,” explained Jassen Jackman, Sales Manager, Vencomatic. “Our rearing products train chicks from Day One to jump, perch, and move from level to level, which means when they go into an aviary they are already acclimated to the system and will easily adapt and be productive.”

Vencomatic’s team of experts understand the serious investment producers are making when they transition to cage-free equipment. Purchasing new equipment is a long-term investment, and this decision goes beyond the initial cost – it also means substantial changes to bird management in a cage-free facility.

“Our team is ready to show the benefits of our equipment, and to discuss best practices in bird management so producers can get the best production from their flocks and adapt their bird management practices to raising cage-free birds.”

Visit us in Hall B – B5915 at IPPE2017 in Atlanta!