New Vencomatic Sales Manager Jassen Jackman – believes in breakfast

Posted on November 8, 2016

Jassen Jackman joined the Vencomatic team after 25 years in the agriculture and poultry business. A native of Ontario, Jassen’s career has taken him across North America.

Jassen took on his role as Sales Manager in June, and as he tells it what motivated him to join Vencomatic was the people. “It’s been a great fit from the start,” commented Jackman.  “They are a genuine bunch of good people.”

Jackman goes on, “What my experience in the agriculture and poultry industry has taught me is that what you are really selling is breakfast. Consumers are much more involved in their food choices and want to know that the products that reach their table were raised in an ethical and animal-friendly way.  Vencomatic is on the cutting edge of cage-free and has been for decades. Any time you can keep both consumers and the producers we work with every day happy – well you know you’ve landed in a good spot.”

When Jassen isn’t working, you can find him fly fishing.

Jassen salmon fishing in British Columbia, Canada.