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Clima ACU – The Importance of Cold Weather Air Quality

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Introducing… Michael Bultitude!

Many of you know our Technical Services Manager Cale Bargen, and while sometimes he certainly seems like a one-man problem solver, he is in fact backed by a team of Equipment Specialists who help him deliver timely, accurate quotes on barn layouts for Vencomatic, Prinzen and Agrilamp products. One of the newest additions to that […]
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2015 Summer Vencomatic North America Sales Meeting

Over a few sunny days in July, the entire Vencomatic NA team met up outside of Calgary, Alberta in Canada for three days of intense review and assessment of almost every facet of the company. What came from these meetings were more streamlined processes that will improve the way we provide service to all of […]
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A Lighting System Named ALIS

The new ALIS lighting system is a game changer. (Granted, that’s just the kind of innovation you’ve come to expect from Agrilamp.) ALIS lighting is a “contactless” system of LED bulbs, perfect for new or retrofitted barns. No need for conduit. Minimal need for electricians. Once the main line of cable is strung, the cable […]
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Introducing…New Vencomatic Service Technicians!

The Vencomatic team of service technicians is dedicated to providing the care and repair that our customers need and expect. We’ve kept these qualities at the forefront as we’ve worked to grow our team. Toby L. Adkins Our customer service techs are on the road – a lot. But thankfully that’s one of the things […]
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Vencomatic Makes the Turkey Nest Stronger, Safer, and Cleaner

Changes in the turkey production industry have not gone unnoticed by Vencomatic. They first designed their turkey nests over 20 years ago, and while the latest developments haven’t been the only changes to that design in the intervening years, the 2015 version has undergone its most drastic upgrade yet. The tipping floor technology that Vencomatic […]
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Introducing…New Vencomatic Staff!

The expansion of Vencomatic continues at a breakneck speed, and we have many new employees to introduce to our customers and dealers. So many, in fact, that we have to break up the introductions over a few editions of the newsletter. In this issue we will highlight the latest additions to the Accounting and Operations […]
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The Vencomatic Aviary That You Need

Options. That’s what our customers are looking for — options in equipment that will give them the best results for their specific needs. That’s why Vencomatic offers so many aviary system options for cage-free, organic and standard egg producers, designed to meet the new needs of the industry. All of the Vencomatic aviary systems meet […]
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Growth sparks change at Vencomatic North America

Last year saw a great surge in business for Vencomatic North America. We’re thrilled we could provide some of the best poultry equipment on the market to so many customers, both faithful and new. Our tremendous success resulted in a shift in priorities, allowing David Thompson to make some changes to his role in the […]
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