Penelope the Prinzen Packer

Posted on November 8, 2016

Rejana Clark has affectionately named her Prinzen PSPC 7 egg packer – ‘Penelope’.  Rejana and her family have owned and operated Clark Poultry, a breeder farm, for the past 16 years. Over the years, they have grown their business and as of 2004 they have four breeder houses.

As her business continued to expand, one of the biggest challenges they faced was ensuring that she had employees to help pick her eggs every day. Then one day an advertisement for Prinzen Farm Packers caught her eye.  A conversation with Vencomatic salesman Erik Draaijer lead to her thinking a Prinzen packer could solve some of her labor challenges. Soon a business plan was developed, a meeting with a bank arranged and in 2007 Penelope took up residence at Clark Poultry.

Penelope’s impact was immediate. The PSPC 7 enabled Clark Poultry to reduce employees from six to two. “Penelope has changed the quality of my life!” noted Clark. “I no longer have to worry if my labor shows up to work, I know that Penelope will be there to pack my eggs. In fact, it’s so easy to operate my 10-year-old grandson can run it – it’s extremely user-friendly.”

One of the biggest advantages that Rejana has found with her packer is the gentle egg handling and 99.7% points down setting.  “My hatchability is 87.03%,” commented Clark. “If I couldn’t have Penelope I would shut down the farm; ‘she’ works and I have more time with my 14 grandkids.” Rejana was showing the packer’s advantages to so many local farmers, she decided to become a Vencomatic dealer. To learn more about our full range of egg packers and egg handling equipment, contact your local dealer, including Clark Poultry, at