Egg Handling Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, Prinzen is the market leader in hatching egg setters. Our unsurpassed points-down setting rate of 99.7% maximizes the hatchability of your eggs. Throughout the whole process, from the egg belt to the setter tray, the eggs are treated with the greatest care. Prinzen setting machines offer you the best solution for automated egg handling for you and your business.


Known for its accuracy and ease of use, this system grades eggs into three pre-defined weight classes


Semi-automatic system with a 99.7 points-down setting rate

Ovoset Pro

Has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour and a 99.7 points down setting rate

PSPC Egg Setting Machine

Has a capacity of 22,000 eggs per hour and a 99.7 points-down setting rate

Trolley Loader

Automates the heavy and manual placing of the setter trays onto trolleys

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