Feeding Systems

Vencopan and Vencotrough: two problem solving and easy to use feeding solutions.

Vencopan Breeder

The Vencopan enables you to feed your flock at the same time with equal portions which can greatly reduce bird stress. Feed is first distributed to a buffer in the top of each pan; once all buffers are filled the system opens, delivering the feed to the birds. The system prevents ‘demixing’ of feed and the distribution of small portions keeps birds from selective eating. Our feeding system optimizes the uniformity of your flock, since all portions of feed contain an equal amount of each ingredient.


The Vencotrough is a robust chain feeding, winch-run system for breeder hens. By winching the trough you create more space for birds to mate and optimize the accessibility of the nests. Once the feed is distributed in the trough, it’s lowered and the birds can start eating providing all birds feed access at the same time. The grill on top of the trough prevents males from eating with the females.

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