Turkey Nest

Vencomatic’s turkey nests are designed like the birds they house: robust and large. A unique feature of our Turkey nest is the trap mechanism. The trap only closes after a bird has entered, preventing a second bird entering the nest. By using the weight of the bird to trigger and close the trap, the nests become inaccessible to other birds, eliminating nest crowding.

The birds are expelled using a pre-set electronic timer, which can be programed to suit your flock management requirements. Eggs automatically roll down onto the egg belt immediately after they are laid. Egg collection can then be completed at the operator’s discretion.

kalkoen 9

All systems are designed using Vencomatic innovations including the Vencomat, the tipping floor and the egg belt and can be extended with the Vencobelt and Vencoslat. Vencomatic’s innovations enable you to collect your eggs in perfect condition.

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