Housing Solutions

In 2004, Vencomatic developed a solution to combine the hatching and brooding phase on the farm where the chick will also be raised. By developing a solution for on-farm hatching chicks are able to have three basic needs met immediately: food, water and fresh air. This system leads to remarkable improvement in the health of chicks:

  • Immediate post-hatch feed and water access provides energy for organ growth and the development of key physiological systems such as the immune system and thermoregulation
  • Direct feed and water access boosts the intestinal development and stimulates digestive capacity
  • On-farm hatching strongly reduces the risks for cross-contamination
  • Better health means easier bird management


Compact construction with multiple tiers allows for high capacity of hatching/brooding


On-farm hatching in traditional broiler barns

Vencopan Broiler

Feed your flock at the same time with equal portions

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