Vencomatic has been leading the way in cage-free solutions for more than 30 years. As North American farmers make the move to cage-free egg production, we have the expertise to help your business make the transition.

There are four things a bird needs to do each day: eat, drink, lay an egg and relax. Vencomatic’s cage-free aviaries are designed to meet all of these needs. We position the water, feed and laying nests in a way that leverages the natural behavior of the birds. Our systems can easily be installed in new construction or retrofit in existing structures.

Housing Solutions :Top quality table eggs

The poultry professionals of Vencomatic design nest systems that perfectly match the needs of hens in a cage-free environment while also maximizing the number of birds in the barn.

Climate Solutions :Full control over the climate

A healthy climate in your layer barn can help you achieve the best performance from your birds.

Egg Handling Solutions :Gentle and efficient egg handling

Gentle egg handling is what Prinzen has been focused on for over 30 years.

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